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marți, 22 aprilie 2014

Poetic turmoil and half-fledged creativity

What degree of independence from the social context can poetry reach? When I say “social” I mean politics as well. All along the 70’s to 80’s interval, the late phase of postmodernism, political turmoil boiled over and few poets could stand aloof from that. In the East-European bloc they were forced to sift their inspiration and chaff away contemporary references. One escape was to delude censorship using irony, as the Romanian poets did in the 80’s. The end of the second millennium and the beginning of the third one were quasi apolitical in what we call western civilization. The Gulf war and the Afghanistan guerrilla war were not in our proximity. These were decades of political correctness disturbed only by a few terrorist attacks of a dubious nature.

luni, 7 aprilie 2014

Writing Process Thanks to poet Margento for inviting me to do this. He writes about his own writing process HERE - http://christanasescu.blogspot.ro/2014/03/margento-my-writing-process-blog-tour.html

1)    What am I working on?

Felix Nicolau: I am working on many things in parallel, too many, and this is quite nerve-racking. But my dearest project for the time being is a book of non-poetical poetry. I envisage a title like “Time is Honey” and it will be something caustic, cynical and, of course, deep down there, very sentimental. The point is to produce a contemporary poetry with classical means. I refer to brevity, clarity and ironic ambiguity, in the same time. I do not want my writing to be culturally ciphered. I do not find any pleasure in lofty elitism, but I enjoy tickling my readers’ intelligence. All in all, I hope to obtain a spectacular and shallow-profound anti-poetical poetry.